Forrest Williams

Drug driving has long been a target for government changes. Steve Williams is probably the country’s leading expert on the new drug driving law. With a fascination bordering on obsession for the new law and how it will affect motorists Steve has studied all of the literature on this subject. Looking into not just the law but the government’s thinking behind it. For months he has made enquiries with the government, police chiefs and prosecutors as to the way this will work and has an understanding of this law unequalled in the country.


“This law has not been thought through at all, the Government have succumbed to political pressure to bring in a law that in reality will be very difficult to enforce. It leaves huge holes in the law and will raise many more questions than it answers.”

Whilst other lawyers have been waiting for the law to come into force we have been studying it, reviewing it and preparing defences that will arise when the confusion starts.

If you are looking for someone to represent you it is important that you go to the person with the first-hand knowledge not someone who has simply followed our advice without the months of work it has taken to get the background knowledge to support their advice. The fact is that no one understands how this will work in practice. Police forces were largely unaware of the law less a month before it came into practice, prosecutors, magistrates, judges and legal advisors had had no in depth training on this subject.


We have anticipated a lot of issues that will be caused by this offence and have defences prepared and experts on standby to assist. We have built and trained a team to be ready for this law.


If you have been charged with this offence there are a number of issues we need to be looking at. You wouldn’t expect us to simply set them out for other solicitors to copy. We are happy to go through your case with you in detail, explain where and how the police may have got it wrong and why the analysis of the amount of drugs in your system might be inaccurate.

If you have been charged with drug driving call us for a free initial discussion with a view to looking into a full investigation.


Don’t risk your licence in the new law, get the expert team on your side straight away.

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