No Urine Tests for New Drug Driving Law

A spokesman for the Department for Transport confirmed to us today that there is no plan to introduce urine tests for Drug Driving.

He accepted that the consensus is that tests in urine are not accurate enough to be used.

In the case where it was not possible to take blood he said that the Association of Chief Police Officers had been advised to ensure that all police officers also note the suspects demeanour of arrest so that if the blood test is not possible they can charge for being unfit through drugs. In other words revert back to the old law.

The old law of course was criticised by many for being to difficult to enforce. Furthermore the noting of the suspects condition is a long way short of a field impairment test which will be required to prove that the suspect is unfit to drive.

The substantive law allows a limit to be set for urine and this can be reconsidered in the future if the testing procedure becomes accurate enough.

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